Saturday, April 21

Lakeside Clean-up

12-2 pm

Terminus of Glen Avenue at Laurel Lake, Laurel Springs NJ 08021

Honor Mother Earth!

Help steward the future park’s lakefront and footpaths. Bring gloves, wear long sleeves, long pants and work/hiking boots, Wellies or old sneakers. 

Optional: pack a picnic and bring a camp chair. 

Water will be provided. 

Thank you!

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Past Events

Come Together
Sunday, September 10
720 Glen Avenue, Laurel Springs NJ 08021

Friends of WWP are invited to “come together” on Sunday, September 10, to savor Indian Summer, explore the wooded lakefront, join the “Whitman Woods” conservation journey, network/strategize, or simply relax and commune with Nature. Cold refreshments are “on Walt.”

WHAT: Take a Bird & Nature walk with Naturalist Lloyd Shaw, 10 a.m. & 4 p.m. View the large-scale preliminary Site Plan Map that illustrates the passive park’s potential.

WHEN: Sunday, September 10, 10am-6pm

WHERE: “Whitman Woods” lies at the lake terminus of Glen & Beech avenues. Street parking only. Google 720 Glen Avenue, Laurel Springs, NJ 08021.

BRING: Camp chair (optional)

WEAR: Long pants & closed shoes (advisable)

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Minviting-pathay 26, 2016
Walk in the Woods with Walt

Friends of “Whitman Woods” are invited to gather at the lakeshore for refreshments and project updates. Learn about the rare flora and fauna that rely on the site for survival from naturalist Lloyd Shaw. Toast the bard’s 197th birthday (May 31). Contribute your ideas to an informal/alfresco think tank. Begin your long weekend under a cathedral of old growth trees with “live music” by the birds!

June 25, 2016
13th Annual “Song of Myself” Marathon!

Granite Prospect at Brooklyn Bridge Park


Thanks to Brian Selznick for image from Walt Whitman: Words for America!

September 10, 2016, 4pm-dusk
Walk in the Woods with “Walt,” a “Whitman Woods” Project Powwow

Learn about project goals, “contribute a verse,” enjoy refreshments, take a complimentary Nature Walk with field guide Lloyd Shaw & explore the lakeshore that Whitman celebrated…

Terminus of Glen & Beech avenues @ Laurel Lake, Laurel Springs, NJ, 08021
Bring: camp chair
Wear: long pants & closed toe shoes
Street parking only on nearby Glen, Beech & Sycamore
Please note: No “facilities”

NYC 14th Annual
Song of Myself Marathon
June 10, 2017
5-7:30 pm
Granite Prospect at Brooklyn Bridge Park





Laurel Springs “Walt Fest”
Saturday, June 3, 2017 (rain date June 10)

At the historic sites Whitman Stafford Farmhouse, Crystal Springs Park, Laurel Lake