North American Land Trust is our project’s intended steward — it does amazing conservation work from sea to shining sea. As land conservators, NALT’s victories are impressive, and it’s an honor to collaborate with the passionate people it employs. Read more about NALT’s recent accomplishments, including its partnership with Boeing. To help NALT endow “Whitman Woods,” visit Click & Pledge.

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“The ‘Whitman Woods’ Project: Preserving a beloved lakefront sanctuary in Laurel Springs, New Jersey,” Monica McQuail, North American Land Trust, November 9, 2017.

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“Saving a Pocket of Enchantment in South Jersey,” by Kevin Riordan, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer. May 12, 2016

Lloyd B. Shaw, naturalist.
Lloyd Shaw, Naturalist & Field Guide

“Spring-cleaning Saturday at Laurel Lake,” by Kevin Riordan, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer. April 5, 2013