Young Artists

“What Woods & Wildlife Mean to Me”

foxAn open appeal from young student artists

To illustrate the importance of preserving “Whitman Woods” as passive open space in the densely populated Sterling community, dozens of students from pre-K through Grade 12 submitted “What Woods & Wildlife Mean to Me” illustrations to the Laurel Springs Borough Council in June 2013. That September, these from-the-heart renderings were delivered to Camden County Open Space and the Board of Freeholders.

For children to recognize the very real and authentic need to establish “Whitman Woods” is profound, and their collective works continue to resonate. This virtual exhibit captures a small sampling of their campaign. If the student signed the piece their name is cited; more often the artist is unknown. Should you recognize an unsigned piece, please send the artist’s name and contact to

This inordinate visual arts appeal was facilitated in large part by artist and educator Maryanne Morgan (also a WWP adviser). Click here to read Ms. Morgan’s impassioned letter to Camden County Open Space.

“Now I see the true secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”